Gallery Diary - Galerie Layr | Cécile B. Evans

Noch bis 22. Jänner 2022 zeigt die Galerie Layr Cécile B. Evan’s Ausstellung „Future Adaptions“.

Future Adaptations is Cécile B. Evans’ second exhibition at Layr, Vienna. The exhibition brings together several stages from their ongoing body of work A Future Adaptation, about the struggle to adapt the Industrial Era ballet Giselle as a revolutionary eco-thriller while the modern is collapsing. The exhibition is composed of two major video installations (scenes from the ongoing adaptation) shown at altered scales, a film prop-stroke-prototype of a microbial fuel cell battery, and two collaged sketches of a future nomadic superstructure.

Galerie Emanuel Layr

Seilerstaette 2/26, 1010 Wien

Cécile B. Evans - Future Adaptions 
bis 22. Januar 2022


Full Credits: 

Cécile B. Evans, Notations for an Adaptation of Giselle (welcome to whatever forever), 2021, Six-channel video installation, 28' 58’’, Steel, microbial fuel cells, preserved plants, cables, mixed media-video and sound, Courtesy the artist, Layr (Vienna), and Chateau Shatto (Los Angeles), Commissioned by the Centre Pompidou and curated by Caroline Ferreira for MOVE. With support from Cork Street Galleries. Additional support and thanks to: Yuri Pattison, La Salle de Bains (Lyon), Forma Arts, Gentle Energy Audio Hire & Engineering, Personal Improvement Ltd, Phocealys, Galerie Emanuel Layr, Château Shatto, and the Bristol BioEnergy Centre (UWE) for providing microbial fuel cells., Produced by Bill Bellingham, Production Assistant Johan Reddersen, A/V & System Programming Jelena Viskovic, Interface & System programming Thomas Lawanson, Rehearsals Manager Anna Clifford, Composer Paul Purgas, Music with Hinako Omori, Vocals Ms. Carrie Stacks, Sound Design Joe Namy, Script Support Sophia Al Maria, Additional Visuals Deepa Keshvala, Costumes COTTWEILER, Performances by Alexandrina Hemsley, Giselle, Lily McMenamy, Leonida, Sakeema Crook, Myrthe Rebecca Root, Bertie (Giselle’s Mother) and special guest Sophia Al Maria

** Cécile B. Evans for a Future Adaptation of Giselle (Willis' battle of whatever forever), 2021, Three-channel video installation, 7' 14“, Steel, preserved plants, cables, mixed media-video and sound, Courtesy the artist, Layr (Vienna), and Chateau Shatto (Los Angeles), Commissioned by Kistefos Museum (NO) and Ballet National de Marseille & (LA)HORDE, Curated by Martha Kirszenbaum, With additional support from Ecole Nationale Danse de Marseille, Friche de l'Escalette, and Forma Arts, Special thanks to Kaja Brych (production), Emilie Gillot (production), Nicole Murru (costumes), and La Ville de Marseille, Camera: Yuri Pattison, Additional Camera: Prune Brenguier, Production Assistance: Laure Bruno, Johan Reddersen, VFX, Bacteria swarms: Otàvio Lima, Ronaldo Pucci, Animation: Johan Reddersen, Music: Joe Namy, Hinako Omori, Paul Purgas, Ms. Carrie Stacks (vocals), Sound design: Joe Namy, Catering: LIMMAT, Featuring performers from Ballet National de Marseille (LA)HORDE and Ecole Nationale Danse de Marseille: Rita Alves, Mathieu Aribot, Nina Laura Auerbach, Malou Bendrimia, Yaëlle Chassin, Mélissandre Cirre, Andrea Claudel, Maude Courdent, Marie Couturier, Shynna Kalis, Lola Mérieux, Hugo Olagnon, Justin Patfoort, Tomer Pistiner, Leonard Vo Tan, With appearances from: Sakeema Crook, Alexandrina Hemsley, and Echo Mari Maxima Pattison-Evans

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