Gallery Diary - Croy Nielsen | Iza Tarasewicz

Croy Nielsen zeigt die Ausstellung "Signal Flow" von Iza Tarasewicz bis 18. Dezember 2021! 


Homeostasis, for individuals and as a tribe, starts with very banal gestures of sending and receiving a signal. Simple acts of reaching, grabbing, picking, and pulling.

In the proper functioning of the body and community, everything happens automatically and without many problems, until the thumb is cut off.

Then the loop de loop begins. The rollercoaster plunges towards homodynamics.

In a tribal situation, a community takes care of a member of its group and performs collective healing. The human chord is a perfectly functioning machine that revives its members. Outputs and inputs. Waves of influence.

The skilled hand is an evolutionary process, a collective act of repeating. The development of the thumb is not a miracle but a hard and arduous effort by all primates. I know, we as humans would like to be treated specially because of our super-qualified one-toone finger. But our strength lies elsewhere.

Croy Nielsen

Parkring 4, 1010 Wien

Iza Tarasewicz

Signal Flow

5. 11.–18. 12. 2021

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