Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman

Seilerstätte 7, 1010 Wien


Dienstag - Freitag: 12.00 - 18.00
Samstag: 11.00 -16.00


The exhibition WHOLE DEARTH CATALOG & GOOD ROTTEN GOODS gathers sculptures as an open and unfinished work, whose material composition transforms the non-finito of sculpture into a metabolic infinito. Feuerstein’s sculptures are crafted from PHB (Polyhydroxybutyrate), for which bacteria function as actors by metabolizing fatty acids enriched in algae. The bacteria simultaneously functioning as “quarry” and “chisel”, producing a new material, partially digesting it, and altering its form.


FR 09.02. 19:00

Künstlergespräch (in Deutsch) zwischen Thomas Feuerstein und Dr. Klaus Speidel, Kurator und Kunstkritiker

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