TITANIA SEIDL | Bildraum 07

see it as a stranger might

Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, Wien 7

Beteiligte Künstler*innen: Titania Seidl

Titelsee it as a stranger might

Datum: 19. Oktober − 17. November 2021


Titania Seidl's work concerns itself with the brittle informative value of images. In her show at Bildraum 07, the artist shows both her paintings, defined by diligent observation, and a text piece printed directly onto the gallery walls.

The paintings, both large and small in format, show fragments of motifs taken out of various narrative contexts. The subject matter, found in historical archives, recorded in contemporary everyday life or collected in the stream of digital imagery surrounding us, comes together on the picture plane to form a new whole. The artist thereby evokes a loose narrative, that is also reflected in the lines of texts seemingly floating across the exhibition space. Anecdotal moments intertwine with historically charged objects as the artist switches between different narratorial perspectives.