Kunstverein Schattendorf | Komisch’ Wetter zwei


Kunstverein Schattendorf, Baumgartnerstraße 2, 7022 Schattendorf

Beteiligte Künstler_innen: Hadas Auerbach, Sarah Bechter, Julia Frank, dans op de tafel (Siggi Hofer, Michael Strasser), Fabian Seiz, Cécilia Mangini, Tobias Teschner, Markus Vater and in the shower room: Paweł Żukowski


Datum: 02. − 30. Oktober 2021


Last year in March, we nervously and hastily left, we barely caught the last flights or just missed them. We switched to bus and train and car. It was like an escape. A getaway back to our homes and adopted homes to breath again, to feel safe — until we had to realise that this safety was only seemingly one. We’ve come all the way up to here. In this time, several things happened, but plenty of things didn’t happen. We are different now because it’s difficult for us to be the same old ones. Vacancies will newly be filled. We are still looking up to the sky, more often than before, and we try to interpret the play of the clouds as well as the lighting conditions. Armed to the teeth, we tenderly bed our hopes, and while for some the curtain falls forever, for others it rises again.