Knut Ivar Aaser bei Felix Gaudlitz, Wien

Knut Ivar Aaser, Untitled (Bordskikk #4), 2019, Drypoint and monotype print on paper, 105,5 × 75,5 × 3,5 cm (detail)

Felix Gaudlitz

Werdertorgasse 4/2/13, 1010 Wien

Künstler: Knut Ivar Aaser

Titel: Bordskikk

Datum: 26. Januar bis 2. März 2019

Fotografie: Courtesy of the artist and FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna | Foto:

Anachronisms are handed out. Tossed around. Traded. Someone had their way with another person’s card collection. Or – by way of poker parlance – we could be dealing with an exposed four flusher.


Decoction, served cold. It seems as if melancholic food pairing is carrying an odour of etching ink.


We are the haunting spook, searching for flaws. Tiles switch places; subtly changing the character of conversations.

*Manipulation is a sport for liquid souls.

Tarald Wassvik