Kenji Ide & Jiří Kovanda bei GUIMARÃES, Wien

YUGEN / Tsukimi, GUIMARÃES Vienna, 2019 © Gregor Titze, 2019

KünstlerIn: Kenji Ide, Jiří Kovanda

Titel: YUGEN / Tsukimi

Datum: 6. Juni 2019 – 6. Juli 2019

Fotografie: Courtesy the artists and GUIMARÃES, Wien | Photo: Gregor Titze, 2019

Notiz: Kuratiert von xyz collective, Tokyo


I stand at your gate and the song that I sing is of moonlight

I stand and I wait for the touch of your hand in the June night

The roses are sighing a Moonlight Serenade

The stars are aglow and tonight how their light sets me dreaming

My love, do you know that your eyes are like stars brightly beaming?

I bring you and I sing you a Moonlight Serenade

Let us stray till break of day in love's valley of dreams

Just you and I, a summer sky, a heavenly breeze kissin' the trees

So don't let me wait, come to me tenderly in the June night

I stand at your gate and I sing you a song in the moonlight

A love song, my darling, a Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight Serenade by Mitchell Parish (1939)