Jacob Mathias Egeberg »Digital Grounding« | Last Resort Gallery

Digital Grounding

Last Resort, Borgergade 2, courtyard, DK 1300 Copenhagen K

Beteiligte Künstler_innen: Jacob Egeberg

Titel: Digital Grounding

Datum: 21. November 2020 - 30. Januar 2021, Time Slot buchen

Fotos: Courtesy of Last Resort Gallery and the artist


Last Resort is pleased to present Digital Grounding, the first exhibition by Danish designer Jacob Mathias Egeberg.

The exhibition consists of a number of sculptural, yet functional objects which incorporate a number of defunct electrical appliances and other industrial products which in this use, hopefully, obtains eternal life by being part of the works on display. For the exhibition, Jacob Egeberg has created a number of highly original lamps, power outlets, shelves, a console, a flowerpot and wall objects which all contain clusters of digital waste; Computer mouses, remote controls, switches, cables, telephones, displays and kitchen appliances. All wrapped in a smooth, monochrome surface. I imagine how archaeological excavations, centuries from now will wonder about what they dig out of the ground from our time: The last 30 years, appliances have been serially produced in the millions and billions, which will most likely seem obscure, few generations from our time, and difficult to decode without the option to power them. It is somehow easier to decode the use of a flint axe than a computer mouse with a loose cable for the unenlightened. Jacob has a very special sense of material and imagining alternative and almost abstract uses of many of these products; Not least a sense of scale when grouping them. Most of these outdated or defunct products, which would most likely end up in landfills, have now found a beautiful and abstract use as part of a functional, handmade product – which somehow resembles that future excavation and would puzzle future archaeologists even more.

As an experiment, most works in this exhibition will be available on the Last Resort Gallery webshop. The products are part of an open edition, where they follow the same design scheme, but will each be unique depending on what objects are part of the product.

Jacob Mathias Egeberg (B.1992) is a Copenhagen based designer who completed his (MA) Master of Arts at The Royal Danish Academy in 2020. Jacob Mathias has received international attention for his vibrant work and his unconventional take on domestic interior and retail design. In 2018 he created the interior of Henrik Vibskov’s flagship store in Copenhagen. In March 2019 he presented a solo exhibition titled ‘Natural futurism’ at Etage Projects showcasing a series furniture pieces. Through his unique and often colourful approach to industrial techniques and materials, he produces functional objects as a mean of storytelling and challenges boundaries within the field of contemporary design.