Eugen Wist im Skulpturinstitut, Wien

Eugen Wist, Studio Shells, 2018, Ausstellungsansicht, Skulpturinstitut, Wien


Paulusplatz 5, 1030 Wien

KünstlerIn: Eugen Wist

Titel: Studio Shells

Datum: 22. Juni 2018 

Fotografie: Courtesy the artist | Foto: Philipp Köster

Notiz: Audiodatei "Tin Cry"

Studio Shells

Warm water is soaking into our soles

While our eyes follow the wall cracks


The pouring rain decreased for a bit

A rough storm like this can last for decades

With slight variations each day

It can turn any place into a ruin


When I’m on a long journey

My melancholic furniture creates 

An extra heavy atmosphere

to make me feel guilty


Leave the empty bottles on the table

Before you air the room

It can happen that the fresh breeze

Creates a droning chord with their open necks


I added some extra pages to this booklet

So its weight equals

All the book pressed flowers of

Each household in this city


The borsht was so delicious the other day

Because I slightly changed the recipe:

I used the garlic clove

You put under the pillow to

Sleep deeper


I think our hands and feet shriveled enough

The wrinkles channel the water

These raisin fingers improve our grip

On wet surfaces

Text: Eugen Wist