Céline bei Mauve, Wien

Gruppenausstellung, Céline, 2018, Ausstellungsansicht, Mauve, Wien


Löwengasse 18, 1030 Wien

KünstlerIn: Céline Amendola, Adam Lewis Jacob, Michael White

Titel: Céline

Datum: 30. Juni - 24. August 2018 

Fotografie: Courtesy die Künstlerinnen und Mauve, Wien


MAUVE is proud to show the first part of a collaboration with Céline.

Established in 2015, Céline is an independent artist run gallery in Glasgow. Operating out of a shared apartment by Céline Amendola, Adam Lewis Jacob and Michael White, their intent has been to diversify the make-up of Glasgow’s art scene by hosting exhibitions and performances by emerging local and international peers who are not currently afforded a voice by the city’s established curatorial milieu. Through curatorial take overs and a casual approach to “directorship”, they cultivate a sensibility of approach in place of a style shunning the notion that a curatorial position be used as a platform for authorial agendas to be played out through the works of others.

The second part of the collaboration between MAUVE and Céline will be shown in Glasgow later this year.