VI PER Gallery | Andreas Fogarasi

Up and Down

VI PER Gallery, Prague

Beteiligte Künstler:innen: Andreas Fogarasi (Curators: Irena Lehkoživová, Barbora Špičáková)

TitelUp and Down

Datum: 08. Oktober − 20. November 2021


Up and Down by Austrian artist Andreas Fogarasi, is his second solo exhibition in the Czech Republic after his 2003 debut at Display Gallery in Prague, titled Welcome to Regions. The title of this year's exhibition is derived from the themes that continuously accompany Fogarasi’s work: the transformation of values, their reflection and representation influenced by the transformation of society. At the same time, the idea of representation and cultural identity is mirrored in some way in all of the exhibited works.

Andreas Fogarasi moves between documentary and sculptural processes. He works mainly with sculpture, photography, video, and installation, through which he closely examines modes of (re)presentation. He focuses on public and especially urban space, its constant transformations and dynamic development, and the related architectural framework that emerges from it. He critically analyses the aestheticization and economization of urban space, pointing not only to the social or ideological transformations that these spaces undergo, but also to the role of architecture and culture in contemporary society, as well as to the values that are often irretrievably lost.

VI PER Gallery exhibits works from three larger bodies of work, which together form different perspectives on architecture of the past and present, its use as a tool of promotion and representation, as well as its endangerment in the contemporary capitalist city.