Solo Exhibition Dennis Buck »Fancy Pants« | Shore Gallery


Shore Gallery, Josef Haydn-Gasse 1, 1020 Wien

Beteiligte Künstler_innen: Dennis Buck

Titel: Fancy Pants

Datum: 22. Mai 2020 bis 4. Juli 2020

Fotografie und Credits: Courtesy the artist and Shore Gallery


Dennis Buck is a painter who draws attention for his very strong use of colours and synthetic textures that create a hypnotic effect on the viewer. The main focus of his oeuvre is his signature that contextualises aesthetic identity-formation, the validity of art in the art market and the artist’s self-prognosis. Through the intersection of mass-media and pop-culture clichés, he creates idiosyncratic worlds that are not imitable.The ‘FANCY PANTS’ exhibition includes two groups of works. In one of them Dennis Buck focuses on the color and material of different fabric samples that develop a spatial depth stylised into pictorial means. In that context, the artist refuses figurative explanation, retaining an unusual sterile form. In this way a fragmented, shattered physicality prevails. The fabrics were processed with silicon or flock film, which is the reason they develop a unique strength in their new arrangements.In the second group of works, different cutting patterns are illustrated with the same materials. The viewers can look at themselves in the mirror and imagine the patterns on their own bodies. The patterns are placed in different material layers and create a visual force in which the materials initiate a state of visual distortion with the viewer’s self-reflection.Dennis Buck avoids a clear symbolism and thus refuses anecdotal interpretations. His pictures reflect his powerful attitude to individualisation and mass-production. - Nazanin Noori

Dennis Buck (*1989) lives and works in Berlin.
Recent exhibitions include: Bangkok Biennale, Bangkok; Kunstverein Ulm, Ulm; Sunday Art Fair, London; Bonnevalle, Paris; Stadium, Berlin; Roman Road, London; Limbo, Berlin; MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen; ung5, Cologne