Jieun Lim bei Ermes Ermes, Wien

 Jieun Lim, RGB: Return to the gate following B, 2019, Ausstellungsansicht, Ermes Ermes, Wien

Ermes Ermes

Linke Wienzeile 36/1C, 1060 Wien

Künstler: Jieun Lim

Titel: RGB: Return to the gate following B

Datum:  9. März 2019 – 30. April 2019

Fotografie: Courtesy the artist and Ermes Ermes, Wien | Foto: kunst-dokumentation.com


RGB: Return to the gate following B

Someone’s name was being called. An odd pronunciation. After third and fourth utterance, I could only pick up ‘$%&/...Lim’. It was my name. I rushed to the gate like a blind snake.

I found a seat near a black-haired crowd.

An orange-haired girl asked me “Can you speak English?” What does this question really mean? What for? What if I say yes, do I really speak English?

I answered “nope.” with blaming eyes.

You wrote numbers down on my sweaty palm with your sharp fingertips, one by one overlapping. I tried to follow the paths with all the nervous system of my hand. But I got lost.

That vague spoor of numbers evaporated very quickly.

This is a waiting zone B.

My turn never comes. The grow light helps to grow plants indoors. It enables you to provide light similar to that of the sun to your plants. Blue spectrum light helps its vegetative growth. Red makes it tall and promotes blooming and fruiting.