Jan S. Hansen bei Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden

Untitled, 2019, mirror, rubber toy, wig, flower, electric candle

Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden

Großenhainer Str. 61-63, 01127 Dresden

KünstlerIn: Jan S. Hansen

Titel: Immer in Bewegung

Datum:  25. April - 12. Mai 2019

Fotografie: Copyright of Schimmel Projects – Art Centre Dresden and the artist


Jan S. Hansen works with the concept of collage, assembling artworks of various media into cross referential allegories, that considers the relations between human nature and the effects of the accelerating pace of a newly globalized world.

By creating environments that seem as simulators or dioramas, a synthetic and observational ambience is infused into the works, connecting them in an encompassing framework. Manufactured and handmade works are presented alongside modified everyday objects, their features creating puzzling associations with a surreal or alternative logic. As a sort of behavioral memory wiped clean or as an artistic meditation, the work takes a detached position and looks at passing currents and states, human needs and manners, mundane tasks and spiritual concerns.

The exhibition creates a contemporary interface between points in the timeline of our common history and speculations about the future. A constant motion of material, ideas, knowledge and beliefs evolve through time, negotiating with the past and future to form our present day.

Jan S. Hansen, born 1980, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, he is a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His work has recently been exhibited at Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen and Kay Fiskers Plads 11, Copenhagen.