Crisis of Glass Bell bei Der TANK, Basel

Noemi Pfister, Giro Giro Tondo, 2019


Freilager-Platz, 4142 Basel

KünstlerIn: Melanie Akeret, Benedikt Bock, Caterina De Nicola, Victoria Holdt, Gilles Jacot, Andreas Kalbermatter, Pierre Krause, Dominic Michel, Noemi Pfister, Luca Rossi Dossi, Mia Sanchez, Linda Semadeni, Leslie Thornton

Titel: Crisis of Glass Bell

Datum: 17. Mai 2019 – 22. Mai 2019

Fotografie: Courtesy die Künstler

Notiz: Kuratiert von Noemi Pfister und Dominic Michel


A million sparks falling from the skyrockets of Rimbaud and Mogli — slender terrorists whose gaudy bombs are compacted of polymorphous love & the precious shards of popular culture — punk gunslingers dreaming of piercing their ears, animist bicyclists gliding in the pewter dusk through Welfare streets of accidental flowers — out-of-season gypsy skinny-dippers, smiling sideways-glancing thieves of power-totems, small change & panther-bladed knives — we sense them everywhere — we publish this offer to trade the corruption of our own  lux et gaudium  for their perfect gentle filth. (T.A.Z.)